EME Universal DAS Host Resident Software for Windows XP/Vista/7/8/Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit (tm)

Operating the EME Corporation line of Data Acquisition Systems is extremely easy using our Universal DAS Host Resident Software. All EME systems types use the same software and can be used at the same time. Communication with the DAS is performed via Ethernet 10baseT or 100baseT (PicoDAS and Femto only). Channel Definition, Sensor Calibration and Identification, Arming, Data Transfer, Data Conversion, and Graphing are the main software functions. All of the screens in the software are accessed through the main icons. The software is extremely easy to use, making it possible for a new user to acquire data within minutes of using the software.

Below are screen shots from the EME software to exhibit the ease of use of our software and to provide an example of how the software works. The graphical icons represent the main functions of the software. The EME Universal DAS Host Resident Software takes the complexity out of acquiring data and provides the user a friendly working environment.

Channel Definition Screen

Arming Parameters Set-up Screen

Data Transfer Screen

Main Software Screen

Channel Convert Screen

Channel Graphing Screen

Channel Edit Dialog Box