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Dynamic Manikin Testing

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Ejection Seat Testing

Aircraft Vibration Testing

Pedestrian Testing

Rough Road Testing

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EME has enjoyed unrivaled success in the field of real-time data acquisition since 1991. Beginning with the design of our first data acquisition system for the Advanced Dynamic Anthropomorphic Manikin (ADAM), EME has been a leader in incorporating the latest technology in to our product. EME has been at the forefront of innovation in the area of test instrumentation and continues to offer the most compact advanced real-time data acquisition systems on the market today.
While our success began in the area of military testing, we have since expanded our presence in to the areas of automotive and aerospace testing with equally impressive results.
The following are just a few of our successes in each of these areas:


EME has collaborated with the Japanese Self Defense Forces for several years now. This collaboration was capped with the purchase of additional systems to Japan for ejection seat testing.
EME’s tremendous success with the U.S. Air Force was a driving force behind the U.S. Navy’s decision to purchase multiple systems for a high profile ejection seat project.
The U.S. Army is using our systems for helicopter crew safety testing.
The U.S. Coast Guard is using EME systems for cold and rough water survivability testing.
The Australian Army is using our systems for ground and armored vehicle crew safety applications.
The Swedish Navy is using EME systems for submarine testing.
The Canadian Air Force use multiple EME systems for dynamic manikin testing.


EME has established a successful presence in the Japanese market by becoming a supplier of data acquisition systems to Honda R&D. The systems will be used for a variety of applications, including pedestrian and motorcycle testing.
EME has successfully integrated both tachometer and sound channels in to our data acquisition system for use in tire testing.
Indiana Mills and Manufacturing is currently using EME products for road testing and testing restraint systems on large trucks and buses. IMMI is also using EME systems for their dummy calibration lab.
MGA Research use EME data systems for crash, barrier and sled testing applications. MGA conducts testing for NHTSA and also tests to European, Japanese and Australian standards.
EME has enjoyed tremendous success in Italy and has a number of Italian customers, including: Fiat Automotive, CSI, TRW,Autostrade, and the Italian Military.
Ford Australia is using EME systems for all types of vehicle testing.
The Canadian Air Force use multiple EME systems for dynamic manikin testing.
Goodyear Tire uses EME data systems for various tire testing applications.
Hyundai-Mobis uses EME systems for automotive sled testing.


NASA Langley is using EME systems for aircraft safety drop testing.
The Federal Aviation Administration is also using EME systems for the aircraft safety testing.
Naval Research Labs uses the EME PicoDAS for in-flight testing.