EME offers on-site training of the use of EME Data Systems. Typical training is performed in a 2-day course. Usually one day of classroom training and one day of hands on training. Please contact EME for additional information and for a price quotation. We offer a standard per day charge, with transportation and per-diem charges added for your location. Our prices are competitive this way. A knowledgeable engineer will perform the training.

Below is a basic outline of a typical training schedule. The topics can be tailored to your company needs from basic to advanced training.

1.0 Overview of EME Universal DAS Software for Windows XP/Vista/7/8

1.1 Test Name Set-Up and Management

1.2 DAS Power Modes
Turning DAS ON/OFF
Digital Mode
Full Analog Mode

1.3 TCP/IP Communications Set-Up
Hardware Description

1.4 Channel Definition Set-Up

1.5 Calibrations

1.6 Event Channels
Hardware Connection

1.7 Real-Time Monitor
Analog Channels
Single Mode
Multi Mode
All Channel Read

1.8 Arming Set-Up
Sampling Rates
Test Length
Trigger Set-Up
Digital Outputs
Battery Monitor

3.0 Battery Conditioning and Charging using the EME PSC-1
Battery Types
Battery Connections
Back-Up Battery Input
Remote Power Input

4.0 Data Acquisition
Armed Condition Screen Explanation

5.0 Transferring Data

6.0 Viewing Data

7.0 Converting Data to ASCII and Binary Formats

8.0 Erasing DAS Data

9.0 Archiving Test Directories

10.0 Hands On Experience Training

11.0 Preventative Measures of Possible Failures

12.0 DAS Maintenance

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