Technical Support

EME Corporation strives to provide the best possibly technical support to their customers. EME offers free phone and email support Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern Standard Time. EME realizes the importance of quick solutions to technical needs and we pride ourselves in offering unrivaled support. Every EME data acquisition system is shock tested and verified operation under shocks of 150 G's on all six axes. Stringent quality assurance standards apply to ensure flawless operation of EME systems in the most demanding environments.

Contact Information:

Main USA Support Office:
Phone: (410) 544-8563
FAX: (410) 647-6791

When contacting EME please provide the Product Serial Number and Software Version. This will speed up the response time, as EME sells many different types of data acquisition systems.

International Support:
Please contact the EME Representative in your region. EME Reps are knowledgeable on EME products and can often answer many of your questions.

Repairs/Calibration/QC Testing:
If a system needs to be returned for repair, calibration, or QC testing please contact EME and describe the problem and/or service you would like performed. Sometimes we can provide software utilities to perform certain repairs, or provide instructions for the customer to make repairs themselves if time is an issue. It is always important to contact EME before sending any equipment in for repair. EME offers flat fee pricing for most of our services.

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