PicoDAS Series Specifications

The EME PicoDAS is the most compact, self contained, full featured Data Acquisition System (DAS) ever designed and manufactured. This DAS measures only 3.7 inches (length) by 2.8 inches (width) by 1.5 inches (height) and weighs less than 1 pound for 32 channels. Additional channels can be added or removed in 16 channel increments adding or subtracting only 0.4 inches per 16 Channels to the height dimension. Up to 64 channels can be installed in a single unit and units can be daisy chained together for extremely high channel counts. EME has sacrificed no features to achieve this small size. The PicoDAS has been available since the fall of 2004 and is praised by many who use it. The applications for this DAS are limitless.


      • Configurations of 16, 32, 48, and 64 analog channels available
      • Airborn (tm) Miniature DSub Connectors
      • Synchronous triggering and simultaneous sampling between daisy chained units
      • Simultaneous Sampling of 1 Hz to 100 kHz (1 Hz to 250 kHz or 500 kHz (Optional))
      • Individual 16-bit A/D converters for each channel
      • Gain range of 1 to 10000
      • Analog Input of +/- 5 volts
      • ICP Module allows any Analog Input to accept ICP Sensors (28 Volt @ 3.6 ma with Adjustable High Pass Filter (Optional))
      • Offsetting available for the full scale at the Input or at the Output
      • .1% calibrated accuracy
      • Internal shunt calibration
      • Internal 1/2 pseudo bridge completion resistors for all channels (user selectable)
      • Simultaneous sampling of channels
      • Individual fold-back current limited excitation sources of 0, 2.5v, 5.0v, and 10.0v for each analog input. Current limit can be customer set or delivered as 100ma standard.
      • 6 pole Digital filtering with variable cut-off frequencies
      • 5 pole Fixed Butterworth filter @ 25kHz (Other frequencies available)
      • Meets SAE J211 specifications
      • Sensor identification using DALLAS ID's (Optional)
      • Automatic calibration of analog channels
      • Multi-stage sampling offering the sample rate to change up to 3 times at a set time or on the fly with an event line
      • Start/Stop Data Recording using an event line
      • Segmented Data Collection Mode offers the ablility to collect multiple acquisitions under one arming.
      • Gain Measurement and Excitation Measurement while sensors are connected
      • Battery input measurement and current monitor recording during acquisition
      • 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB, or 32 GB of non-volatile memory
      • 8 digital output channels
      • 16 digital event input channels (32 digital event inputs without digital output channels)
      • 2 tachometer input channels (Optional)
      • PCM Irig-B Input as well as PCM 106-01 Telemetry Output (Optional)
      • Internal GPS Module (Optional)
      • 10-16.5 volt power input range
      • Internal Digital NiCAD/NiMH Peak Charger with automatic switching (Optional)
      • Low power consumption .410 amps for 32 channels at 12 volts in full analog mode
      • Serial communication using Ethernet 100baseT
      • Durability of Shock:

        +/-250g, 12 msec 1/2 sine wave pulse

        +/-70g, 500 msec 1/2 sine wave,

        +/-35g, 2 sec 1/2 sine wave,

        +/-60g 100 msec duration, on all axis

      • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32-bit or 64-bit (tm) Control/Processing Software
      • EMI/RFI Shielding
      • 1 year warranty
      • The latest in technology

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