PicoDAS Series Specifications

The EME PicoDAS is the most compact, self contained, full featured Data Acquisition System (DAS) ever designed and manufactured. This DAS measures only 3.7 inches (length) by 2.8 inches (width) by 1.5 inches (height) and weighs less than 1 pound for 32 channels. Additional channels can be added or removed in 16 channel increments adding or subtracting only 0.4 inches per 16 Channels to the height dimension. Up to 64 channels can be installed in a single unit and units can be daisy chained together for extremely high channel counts. EME has sacrificed no features to achieve this small size. The PicoDAS has been available since the fall of 2004 and is praised by many who use it. The applications for this DAS are limitless.