Customer Service

EME Corporation offers quality customer service to new and existing customers. Requests for quotations, technical documentation, status of orders/repairs, or other requests are answered quickly and accurately. A knowlegeable employee with extensive experience with our products is always on hand to go over applications and to provide timely quotations and asnwers to questions as needed.

Contact Information:

Main USA Customer Service:
Phone: (410) 544-8563
FAX: (410) 647-6791

Repairs/Calibration/QC Testing:
If a system needs to be returned for repair, calibration, or QC testing please contact EME and describe the problem and/or service you would like performed. Sometimes we can provide software utilities to perform certain repairs, or provide instructions for the customer to make repairs themselves if time is an issue. It is always important to contact EME before sending any equipment in for repair. EME offers flat fee pricing for most of our services.

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