The Calibration of EME Systems are in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005. The Test Uncertainty Ratio (TUR) of this calibration is 4:1. Uncertainties are estimated at a 95% confidence level (k=2). This calibration gives a reasonable confidence level that the system is within the specifications published by EME Corporation. We provide test data and pass/fail on the following

  • Visual Inspection
  • Data Collection All Channel
  • Static Gain
  • Static Non-linearity
  • Class 1000 Frequency Response Gain 1.5
  • Class 1000 Frequency Response Gain 300
  • Channel Step Phase Response
  • Channel Phase Delay
  • Static Excitation
  • Excitation Short 2.5 Volt
  • Excitation Short 5 Volt
  • Excitation Short 10 Volt
  • Input Offset
  • Output Offset
  • Shunt and Rcal Resistors
  • Trigger, Digital Output/Input Timing
  • Sample Clock Stability

A full report is included with a Pass/Fail criterior and a description of the repairs and calibration corrections are included. We provide before and after data. This test ensures 100% functionality and compliance with EME specifications.

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